Terje Sørensen



October 5., 1947 in Oslo, Norway

Present profession:  


Freelance translator

Marital status:


Married to Aud-Marie, three adult children






+47 90568435 (cellular phone, 24 hours a day, all year)






Second best:







Law degree, University of Oslo September



Practicing certificate as lawyer



Subsidiary subject at elementary level German, University of Oslo   



Subsidiary subject at elementary level Norwegian and Nordic languages and literature, University of Oslo


Fluent in Norwegian, English and German oral and written, good  working knowledge of Danish and Swedish.

Basic knowledge of French and Esperanto. Some knowledge of Russian, Italian and Dutch.

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I freelance as translator (English, German, Danish, Swedish into Norwegian) for several translation agencies around the world - references by email to - and I'm always in the market for all kind of relevant freelance jobs.

I have translated books from English and Danish into Norwegian - among those below ...


I have a good working knowledge of CAT applications like TRADOS 2007 and Studio 2011/2014.

Email for more details in a more comprehensive CV in Word format.

I have more than twenty five years of experience using electronic data. Since 1993 I have been keenly occupied with data communicating. During the period February - May 1995 I carried out a research project - CYOPPVISKO -  about the use of data communicating in the secondary schools in the Oppland county in Norway. It really pleases me - now more than 20 years later - to observe that most of my predictions in the report have come true...

I have among other things made Internet presentations for Nordre Land municipality, Lands Museum in Dokka, Norway. I was responsible for the Internet presentation of the Norwegian Biathlon Championship 1998.

I have developed and conducted different courses about the use of Internet - e. g. the use of World Wide Web, the use of Email and Newsgroups as well as courses in designing HTML presentations on the Internet.

Right now I am trying hard to learn as much as possible about videoconferencing via the Internet. This is something that I believe could be very useful in the translation industry.

During my years as a teacher I worked with pupils having problems reading and writing, and I developed methods using computers and ordinary applications combined with ordinary means of education. In certain areas the results were stunning and very positive, and I hope one day I can work more with these very interesting matters.

I have volunteered for Projekt Runeberg digitalizing fiction written by great authors and presenting them on the Internet for free use.

I have conducted Norwegian courses for adult German part time students at Sörup Volkshochschule, Sörup, Germany.

I am a member of the conservative political party Høyre in Nordre Land, because I would like to engage myself a little more in what is going on in the municipality. I actually hate to be stigmatized and squared into any kind of stall, but I realize that I have to have a party political platform in order to achieve

something. Høyre is the party I dislike the least. I was October 1998 elected leader of the local party group in Nordre Land municipality, and was a member of the board of Oppland Høyre.  I was chairman of Kunnskapspolitisk Utvalg in Oppland Høyre - a committee planning and shaping  Høyre's educational policies in Oppland county. Unfortunately it is very difficult to combine these tasks with my living abroad, and at present I am not very active politically.

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I'm a lover of out-of-door-life, especially enjoying trekking in the Norwegian mountains.

From November 1999 till May 2000 I lived and worked in San Dona' di Piave, near Venice, Italy.

From September 2000 till August 2015 I lived and worked in Maasholm and Sörup in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany and from 2011 as well as in Grums, Sweden.

At present I travel a lot living and working in several places in Europe, mostly in Grums, Sweden, Aurdal, Norway, sometimes in San Doná di Piave, Italy, Alicante, Spain and in Sörup, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

You can read my "True Story" if you would like to know more about me!


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